ekei labsとGenomeMiner、DNAシーケンシングを活用したエイジング分析分野での画期的なパートナーシップを発表

2023/11/18  Tupac Bio Japan 株式会社 


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ekei labs(エーケイラボ)とGenomeMiner(ジェノムマイナー)はDNAシーケンシングを用いたエイジング分析の分野でのパートナーシップに関する合意に至りました。この共同研究契約によりエーケイラボはジェノムマイナーのバイオインフォマティクスの専門知識および同社の社名と同様にジェノムマイナーと呼ばれるソフトウェアプラットフォームを活用し、人間のサンプルからのメチル化DNAシーケンスデータの処理を行います。これらの結果はエーケイラボのエイジング分析方法の進歩に役立ち、新製品の開発に繋がるものです。






さらに日本は高齢化社会の挑戦に直面しています。この現象は多くの西洋諸国でも直面する見込みであり、将来に向けた日本の取り組みが注目されています。生物学的老化に対処することは、解決策となる可能性があります。実際に『The Lancet』誌に掲載された研究によると生物学的老化プロセスの遅延がもたらす経済的利益は寿命の1年延長と健康の改善により、驚異の37兆ドルに上ると推定されています。[1]

[1] https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanhl/article/PIIS2666-7568(21)00250-6/fulltext



ekei labs and GenomeMiner have signed an agreement on partnering in the area of aging analysis using DNA
sequencing. Through this collaboration agreement, ekei labs will leverage GenomeMiner’s expertise in
bioinformatics, and their software platform (also called GenomeMiner), for the processing of methylated DNA
sequencing data from human samples. These results will be used to advance ekei labs aging analysis methods and develop new products.

GenomeMiner Intro

Genome Miner designs and automates complex genomics analysis and data management. Their software
solution operates in the cloud, reducing the expensive costs of purchasing high-spec computers and IT
infrastructure in-house. GenomeMiner developed its software platform to process and manage the genomic
data it was collecting from its internal product R&D activities in the area of biopesticides and therapeutics.

ekei labs intro

ekei labs empowers users to build their longevity strategy by offering at-home biological assessments,
personalised content, and lifestyle interventions. Beyond these services, ekei labs is innovating with
proprietary sample processing methods to improve their testing procedures. They have a research
collaboration with the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology to advance DNA methylation techniques
and make biological age testing more widely available to the general public.

Partnership details

Starting with this agreement, ekei labs and GenomeMiner will work together to develop aging analysis in Japan for both consumer and clinical markets. The global rise of the longevity market signifies a growing emphasis on
enhancing the quality and duration of human life. As life expectancies increase, this market’s significance for public healthcare becomes predominant, not just for treating age-related diseases but for proactive health management
throughout one’s life. The Japanese ecosystem, with its established history in preventative health measures and
thriving academic scene in ageing science, stands out as uniquely designed to lead and benefit from these global
longevity trends. Moreover, Japan is grappling with the challenges of an ageing society. As this phenomenon will become widespread in many Western societies, many eyes are on the example that Japan is setting for the future.
Addressing biological ageing may offer a solution. In fact, a study showcased in The Lancet reveals that the
economic benefit of decelerating the biological ageing process, resulting in a one-year extension in life expectancy and improved health, is estimated at a staggering $37 trillion.[1]

[1] https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanhl/article/PIIS2666-7568(21)00250-6/fulltext

Bilal Kharouni, CEO of ekei labs shared, “We are thrilled to embark on this collaborative journey with GenomeMiner, a leader in genomics analysis. Our collaboration is more than just a business alignment; it’s a unified mission to
enhance the quality of life as we age. Together, we aim to redefine how ageing is understood and quantified through DNA methylation profiles, paving the way for improved interventions.”